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Want to Become a Consultant???

Exotic Pleasures Parties is looking for strong, confident and fun folks to join the team. We want enthusiastic individuals who believe in our product as much we do. as a consultant you will be a direct reflection of the Exotic pleasures empire and as long as your having a good time we are happy and the customers are comfortable. Were a lot more edge-ier than most sexual novelty companies, we offer parties for couples and different arrangement of people without judgment.

Let’s face it, there are hundreds of adult companies who do what we do, but were completely original and truly believe we can bring an element of fun and sensuality to any occasion. The consultants we need for this company are lively personalities, a person who like to look good and also talk…..easy right?!  If you are interested in letting your open minded friends and family know about Exotic Pleasures or Houston Pleasures, please read the info to REALLY see what sets us apart from everyone else.

Sex is everywhere, for everyone (at the right age of course) and it never goes out of style, so the earning potential is unlimited and there are plenty of untapped markets to explore. When is the last time you had a great time while earning good money in just a few hours? Legally of course :)

It’s super easy and affordable to get up and started with Exotic Pleasures and the commission structure is very competitive. Some of the biggest benefits are:

  • Earn extra income with no monthly minimums; you work when you want
  • Women and men are welcome at Exotic Pleasures
  • Carry the specific products in your kit that YOU feel your customers want

and best of all…

  • The opportunity to meet cool people as you begin to grow your Exotic Pleasures business
Our company seeks to encourage the use of sensual aids as a catalyst for open communication and introduction of creative ideas that can lead to an enhanced sexual experience for individuals and their partners.

Why Choose Exotic Pleasures?

Being a Exotic Pleasures Consultant is a great way to make extra money while meeting new folks, checking out new places and most of all HAVING FUN!

We are seeking bold, creative spirits with unique personalities and non-traditional approaches to selling to join our team.

You can sell anywhere and at your convenience.

You decide when, where, and how much you want to work.

You can start your own business for as little as $149.99. (Most of the competitors start baskets at over $500.00)

Each kit contains everything you need to get you started in your career as an Exotic Pleasures Consultant.

Your earning potential in the Home Party business is unlimited. Exotic Pleasure Consultants earn a minimum just for showing up and a 35% commission on every sale, with opportunities for increased commission rates for higher volume events. Most Exotic Pleasures Consultants average over $75 an hour. Remember, the more parties you do, the more money you make. There is no limit!

You carry your inventory, so you will always be able to sell it on hand at the time of the purchase, and that’s better for the customer as well because they wont have to wait for anything to be delivered!

Exotic Pleasures Consultants are flexible. Requirements of safe driving will be discussed in person.

After an initial period we can work together to customize your kit to better accommodate your customer base. Always carry the toys you like and feel your customers will like too.

Your commissions are based on sales and are yours to keep. You will NEVER have to pay for shipping products to your customers…EVER!

No need to get a merchant account.

You will NOT need a merchant account or a Tax ID number. Exotic Pleasures accepts and will process on your behalf Visa and MasterCard.

All returns and customer service issues are handled for you.

Training is one-on-one with the manager.

Because we are a small but growing business you get individual attention as we work together to grow your business. You’re in business for yourself but never by yourself!

Join Our Team!

Thank you for considering Exotic Pleasures.

King Teddy, CEO- President



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